A Client Wardrobe: What is it and how does it work?


Over the past few years, I have slowly introduced a client wardrobe for my clients. This year is all about lifestyle photography sessions which include maternity, newborns and family, with a slight business shift. So it is about time I share why choosing an outfit from my client wardrobe is an excellent option for you if you are having a session with me.

What is a client wardrobe?

Some of you may never have heard of a client wardrobe before, or you may have seen it but have yet to understand what it is. Well, to put it simply, I, your photographer, have invested in a selection of dresses for you to use for your session. There are various sizes to suit almost everyone and every body type, with different styles and colour options included as well. I have a small selection of newborn and kids outfits as well with the intention to grow and include options for all family members.

Why do I have a client wardrobe?

I know from experience that as a new mum you don’t always feel comfortable in your postnatal body when you want to capture that newborn squish. I want you to feel like a goddess in a flowy dress for your session. I want to create a space where women come and wear something super simple and special to be captured – with or without their children –, in a beautiful way. 


For family sessions, I’ll encourage you to find something in your wardrobe that truly reflects you and works well with what your family is wearing. However, you still have access to my wardrobe, and maybe you’ll discover  a dress or a brand that you have been dying to try in my collection. My client wardrobe dresses are a great building block for a beautifully curated family session! 





I want to continue to invest in dresses that may be not be everyday practical for some clients. These dresses are selected to remove the pressure of wardrobe selection and create a low-fuss environment for the session. The idea of spending $180 or $500 after you have already invested in photos may be too much, so let’s make it possible for you to wear the gorgeous dresses you see and love!


Now is the time to book in your session. Make use of my client wardrobe, play dress-ups and let’s create some magic. I can’t wait to meet you or see you again!!

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