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Adventures and memories.

Adventures and memories.

I love the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It’s been years since I last visited the gallery, but it always brings a sense of nostalgia. I remember being in high school and going to the gallery, spending a few hours wandering the gallery, visiting the Archibald, or even just sitting and drawing. Whenever I visit the gallery, I feel a bit like home.
Every time I go, I feel I see something new, even if it’s been in the gallery for several years.

It was such a beautiful and slow day. We don’t often have slow days in our house so to wander around and experience the art, drink coffee all uninterrupted was magic. I also made an effort to pull out my camera at select moments and capture images. Hubby, with a little instruction, even took a few photos of me.

VOLUME is a current festival at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. (up until 8 October 23) It’s a festival of sound and vision. We got to listen to an incredible artist who was inspired by the artwork behind him. (See photo) And I honestly could have listened to him all day. I’m sorry, I can’t remember his name but he reminded me of a video by Dan Proud of the Australia Outback with the song ‘Dreamlife’ by Tony Anderson. And every time I listen to the song I get transported back there and one day dream to visit the North West.

Music and sound are so powerful to create and binding memories/experiences. I know I will forever remember this day! Hope you enjoy the images too!

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