In the whirlwind of welcoming a new baby, you notice every photo on your phone features your mum bun, and none seem wall-worthy. With a full heart ready to burst, this little person has shown you an intense love—the little details, the smells, the sounds. But let’s pause: welcoming a new family member comes with a lot of new things. My calm, supportive newborn sessions let you relax, feel beautiful, and capture all those tiny details, creating photos perfect for your wall.

What to expect and what is included:   

Calm guidance throughout the session

Newborn lead session

Clothing suggestions & access to client wardrobe
In-home or Studio

Communication & support throughout your whole journey

Prices start at $620 (including images)  

Booking a newborn session is a little different because we can’t predict exactly when baby will arrive! So generally what we do is book a session about 2 weeks post your bubs due date. And once bub arrives you just let me know. I always allow flexibility around newborn sessions because, let’s be honest, with babies we always need to be flexible! I recommend getting in touch to book your newborn session when you’re in your first or second trimester. This reduces the likelihood of missing out on securing a spot for when bub comes along.

If you are after those beautiful sleepy, squishy newborn photos, I suggest booking in anywhere up to about 10 days old. However, I know for some this can feel a little too soon. I photograph newborns all the way up to 12 weeks. One beautiful thing you get from a baby that is 12 weeks is more awake time. Whatever you choose, know that magic will be made and I want everyone involved to feel calm. 

I have curated some beautiful knits and outfits for your baby. On the day a selection will be layed out to choose. If there is anything you have seen that you would like to use, just let me know. 

Newborn sessions can take place either in your home or at my beautiful studio. 

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