Rachel Levingston

Coffee addict, picture taker

The fact that you're here right now, searching for a photographer, makes me so freaking excited! I am here for the chaos and the quiet, for the laughter and the joy-filled moments.. In life, moments pass by quickly, and time is limited, making memories all the more valuable.

I was given my first camera in Year 3 at school, and I have been taking photos ever since then.  The joy that came from getting the film developed via the local chemist was so exciting! And as I got older and digital became the 'thing', I was known for never deleting photos; thankfully, that is no longer the case! I haven't always wanted to be a photographer, but it is now life. It’s been quite a journey to here.

I am a mum of 3 and they are one of the big reasons why I do this. My eldest was born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). With him in and out of the hospital, the urgency of capturing photos was never far from my mind. This urgency has grown even more with each new family member. Every day is a gift to our babies, so I am here for all the memory-making moments!

Living by example is essential to me, so like you, we have our photos captured by fellow photographers every year. I want to ensure that I as their mum are in the photos and we get the opportunity to capture memory-making moments too! 

So, again, I am so freaking excited that you are here, and I can’t wait to learn all about you and your family. I am here, ready for your memory-making moments!

Every photo should be felt before seen.
And when it's seen, to be felt. 

Get to know me a little more and why I love weddings and lifestyle photography 




If you answered YES to all of the above, you’re in the right place my friend. 

Let’s chat about how I can help you put together your dream photoshoot!



We all have questions and here are questions I get asked all the time.
If there is anything I haven’t answered here contact me today and I will answer them for you!


I really care about providing each and every one of my clients an amazing experience. I want you to to feel like you have gain a friend and that your photos are something you will cherish forever. I want you to feel like you can contact and rely on me for future moments and memories. 

I am 100% committed to your day and your experience! 

Ultimately I want you to trust me completely to deliver on your dreams and goals for your day. And I 100% will! 

Meeting together and make sure we are the perfect fit is what makes magic on your day is the beginning of this trust, securing a couple session (engagement session) may also play a part in making you feel comfortable, I will be your guide throughout you whole day! 

No matter what is thrown your way, weather or not, I am there for it! 

I am not for:

  1. the perfectly posed
  2. if you are searching for the cheapest
  3. for someone to give you want you need, and not what you want.

Yes, I love to travel. Domestic and Internationally. If you are thinking of doing your wedding internationally please contact me and we can talk through all your goals and plans. I also travel domestically. Weddings within 60 minutes of Dural (nsw) do not incur any travel fees.


These choices are entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to stay in their home. Others prefer to get outside with their family and choose a location where they feel just as comfortable. If you’re not sure what to choose, we can have a chat together as we plan your session. I have some exceptional locations I can show you.

I include an in-person or virtual meeting; this happens about a month before your wedding day. We sit down and talk through your day. You will have already filled in a detailed questionnaire that will highlight some important things for your day, but the meeting will give us a chance to fine-tune your day from a photography perspective and make sure we have a plan.

I usually touch base with family or other photography packages either by phone or message a week or few days prior to your session.

However, in saying this, I am always contactable via email or phone and welcome any questions you may have.

In my experience, a natural/neutral palette photographs well in the majority of settings and avoids the harsh contrast of too many colours and shades. In saying that, colours can bring life and vibrancy to your photos, and is a suitable choice if this represents your family well. My recommendation is not to aim for outfits that match but to observe how the colours you have chosen work together.

Can’t decide if you want one or the other? Let’s chat about the option of an outfit change!

To secure any session, you need to pay a booking fee of 25% of the total cost. This 25% guarantees your date.

Weddings, Final payment is due 1 month prior to your wedding day.

Family and other sessions Final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your shoot day.

Yes, I offer payment plans.

You can pay via Direct debit or PayPal (which includes Credit Card)

This varies from session to session especially if your session is a wedding or family or something else. However, You can expect to receive approx. 50-60 photographs per hour of coverage for a traditional wedding day, smaller more intimate celebrations may be less.

  • Family, engagement and newborn photos will be ready between 3-4 weeks
  • Wedding photos within 4-6 weeks

Yes, I do. Prints are a beautiful way to display your photos and within your client gallery, you will have direct access to a print shop. I also offer albums that are designed with you in mind. Contact me for more information about prints and albums.

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