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Saving and downloading your images

  1. Head into your gallery and make a favourites list of the images you wish to download by clicking the love heart on the image

  2. Can’t decide? Why not upgrade your package. Upgrade options are below and all you have to do is shoot me a message to get the upgrade starting and then the images are all yours!


    Once you have received your download link or are able to download your full gallery please ensure to save and back up your images! I only keep your galleries and images for 3 months from your gallery delivering day. After this I will no longer store your images. Please download them straight away and back them up to your phone, computer cloud based storage and hard drives! Please do not rely on your online gallery as that will only be online for 3 months

  4. Share your images and share the love together. I would absolutely love if you are sharing your images on socials if you could please tag me so that we could share the love together

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